December 29, 2022

Chiropractic Social Media Marketing Strategies

Turn Your Social Media Followers Into Paying Chiropractic Patients

As an chiropractor or marketing manager for a chiropractic practice, building social media followers is just the first step. The next step is building a relationship with your target audience that will convert to them from onlookers to actual paying patients.

Research Your Chiropractic Practice’s Social Media Audience

Define who they are and what they appear to value. Define what they do to earn a living? What are their likes/dislikes? What seems to worry them? What appear to be their needs?

What you want to do is personalize your interactions with your audience by commenting on their comments on your social media posts. Something as simple as a reply to comment that takes a few seconds could be a pivotal interaction that transitions them from follower to customer.

Another consideration is if you aren’t clear on your ideal client archetype, then you can create one by identifying which followers you would like to have as a client versus those which you would not want.

Reach Out and Introduce Yourself to Your Ideal Chiropractic Patients

Most people want to feel unique and special. A simple follow up with a personalized message including a simple, low-commitment, call to action (especially a giveaway to a book, article, video or audio you have created) is very powerful.

Give Something of Value – Loss Leader Ideas for Chiropractors

Offer a free initial consult (it could be a simple, in-office intake – or a Skype, Zoom or Facetime video consultation). What you ideally want is to create the opportunity for the potential patient to describe their problems and get into their problem state. You don’t have to offer an adjustment or a treatment at the time, but it could be a great add-on or upsell.

One thing you’ve got to keep in mind is the power of your authority in this context. The person with the problem comes to you and they really want to be told what to do. (It is the same for Sapid SEO Company – business owners or marketing directors at a loss as to why they aren’t getting any website visitors or online leads come to us and they want us to say, “here’s the problem and here is how we are going to fix it…” Then we pretty much say it will cost $x and we’ll send you the payment details right now so that my team can get to work right away.)

So give the prospects a free evaluation and then assume the close (test close) by saying, we need to get you in for a full treatment and then you or your receptionist will book it. Remember, use the offer of something for free to then move the person from prospect to patient once you have diagnosed their problem.

You, your marketing manager or one of your team members needs to remember that social media is a great platform to interact, engage and provide great content and/or something of value that is appealing!

Managing Chiropractic Social Media Campaigns With Balanced Content

There needs to be a balance between informational, promotional and fun content. Short visual content does really great for some audiences and longer content is better for others. What you or your social media manager needs is to have a mix of relevant content that is about 70% chiropractic related and then 30% random. Social media is a great way to brand yourself and your clinic. By doing so, you establish rapport with your online fans and followers.

How to Promote Your Chiropractic Clinic Online

You can promote your chiropractic clinic by creating social media giveaways that are: fun, valuable and visible. Using this approach is an effective strategy because it creates clarity about your services and the value you add to your follower base/patients.

Get your fan base to comment on your giveaway by creating certain rules to the contest that are fun and also viral. Be sure to use #hashtags in your campaigns so that they reach not only your followers but people who might be searching in social media platforms or search engines for new, relevant content.

How to Get Testimonials for Your Chiropractic Practice

For the chiropractic industry, video testimonials are huge. They should be shared on your Google My Business local maps listing, your Facebook page, your Twitter page, your Instagram page and obviously your YouTube channel and website.

We sincerely believe that one solid testimonial is worth 100x. A stealth tactic to grab solid testimonials to share on social media is to have your receptionist offer a discount of around 25-50% off the session if the patient would be will to leave a quick testimonial. Have a waiver form ready, a cell phone to take the video (preferably directly into the Google My Business app for the geocoding data) and then three simple questions:

1. How were you feeling before you came in to the clinic today?
2. What did you like the most about your treatment today?
3. Would you recommend that other people schedule an appointment with Dr…?

Many patients will be happy to answer the questions because they feel better after the appointment, and the discount is big enough to be compelling. The video can then be downloaded and re-uploaded onto the different social media platforms. Of course, you’ll want to make sure it is properly, titled, tagged and bunch of other secret tips we share with our consulting clients.

Sharing testimonials on social media demonstrates to your online followers the services (and products) you offer. But more important than just this, it provides undeniable social proof that other people find your services valuable.

Sapid SEO Company Chiropractic Social Media Marketing Consulting

We want your practice to be successful and for you to reach the right people with your services. We can maximize your visibility online using our unique strategies, systems and experience. Contact us today to discover what we can do to help your chiropractic practice stand out. We specialize in Google local maps SEO, national and global SEO, internet marketing services, SEO consulting and pretty much everything else it takes to get your business as much visibility as possible.

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