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Having a strong, pleasant taste. (Of talk or writing) pleasant or interesting. Origin: early 17th century: from Latin sapidus, from sapere ‘to taste’.
Entrepreneurship is the lifeblood of every economy. We support the brave women and men who take risks pursuing their dreams because they have a vision of a way to add value to society. Nearly every organization will go through the following stages in this order: existence, survival, success, and take-off. Our marketing services can help businesses move into the stages of success and take-off. It all depends upon the scalability of your model. What every business venture shares is the need for visibility and having a product or service that is remarkable.


The business idea is launched.


Investing more money than earning.


Out of the red and above water.

Take Off

The business is scaling successfully.

The Price of Marketing

As the old adage goes, “The cost of marketing is the price of being unremarkable…”

We Will Make Your Brand Visible, Its Remarkability is Up to You

Meet Our Professional SEO Consultant Team

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Michael Emery graduated from Portland State University in 2003 with dual majors in Marketing and Advertising Management; along with an emphasis in Latin American Studies. Michael became interested in communication and this led him to study Ericksonian hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). He is a certified hypnotherapist and NLP master practitioner. Additionally, in 2008, he completed a Masters of Transpersonal Studies from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.

Michael has been involved in internet marketing, digital product creation and marketing consulting since 2006, and he has worked with a broad range organizations and businesses to enhance their marketing efforts.

Michael has a unique perspective on business development, communication and how to apply the marketing mix to your organization’s digital marketing strategies. Sapid SEO Agency can help your marketing message become “sticky” so your target market so that your brand offerings come to mind when they are reminded (triggered) by specific contextual events that your product or services addresses.

Founder & Marketing Consultant
Director of SEO

Mike Ong the “SEO Scientist” is a digital marketing veteran. He has helped numerous organizations maximize their online visibility since 2003. He has consulted for – and provided SEO services and internet marketing services – to high tech manufactures, commercial printers, law firms, medical centers, the hospitality and entertainment industry, financial organization and much more. Mike is a dedicated and curious individual who is detail-oriented. He is in charge of online competitor analysis and the development of the SEO ranking strategies that will be uniquely applied to Sapid SEO Company’s clients.

Our “SEO Scientist” is constantly scouring the internet to stay informed about the latest developments in digital marketing. With his experience and diligence, we stay on top of the changes that affect website ranking and SEO strategies. Keep in mind that the search engine optimization industry is extremely competitive and cut-throat. Mike's internet privacy allows him to be a silent observer in the top digital marketing circles in the world. For this reason, Mike prefers to keep his identity private, and we totally respect it! 

Additionally, we have a team of virtual assistants to help with all aspects of our campaigns

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What Does a Google SEO Consultant Do?

Internet marketing is a rapidly changing environment that is based upon specific foundational principles. The evergreen principles in internet search optimization is the need for a website that is: effectively structured search engine robots, written and designed with site visitors in mind, concise and targeted in terms of its topics, and constantly alienating itself from other low quality websites.

What our team of SEO consultants will do is:

Who Offers The Best SEO Consultant Service for Your Industry or Business Niche?

Ideally, you want to work with the consultants who have a proven track record ranking their client sites (and obviously their own sites) and it might be useful to work with a team who has worked in similar niches. However, this element isn’t totally critical – it just reduces the time it takes to get up to date with a client’s products or services, but should have little bearing upon the effectiveness of the services to be offered.

For example, we at Sapid SEO Company like to work with the automotive industry because we understand the competitiveness of this market and appreciate the dealerships that are changing the market perceptions that have been plaguing dealer’s and car salespeople’s reputations. We like the exporters market because it is exciting to being involved in helping emerging businesses and industries grow and enter new marketplaces.

The dental industry is a personal choice because the owner of Sapid SEO Company, Michael, grew up in this environment as his mother was a dental hygienist for over 30 years. The hospitality industry adds to the excitement of life, living and exploring. One of the prime reasons for choosing to offer digital marketing and search engine optimization consulting was for our love of travel and having the ability to work from anywhere in the world. Hotels and resorts make it possible for us to do what we love from the destinations we want to experience.

Chiropractors benefit from our Google Maps SEO services as they have the opportunity to position themselves at the top of local markets and effectively manage a practice’s online reputation. We find manufacturers to be a critical element associated with historical development and progress. With advances in robotics, nanotechnology, and 3D printing, we believe that this industry is going to experience a rebirth and we want to be involved in your company’s success.

The real estate industry is a highly competitive environment. Prior to his involvement in digital marketing, Michael worked in the mortgage industry and fully understands the challenges facing residential and commercial real estate agents. We can boost a realtor’s or agencies visibility in the local or national market and help manage your online reputation. Our digital marketing services for the finance industry is a sure way to make an accounting firm, tax consulting agency or financial planning firm stand out in global, national and/or local markets. Wineries and vineyards can benefit tremendously from Sapid SEO Company’s consulting and digital marketing services. In fact, our agency name is derived from a wine tasting term. Michael is currently based out of Santiago, Chile – a new world location rich in wine tradition.

Even if your specific business doesn’t fall within one of the above listed industries, we can still help. Industry specific SEO is an advantage because it is always helpful to work with a consultant who is familiar with what you do… but it certainly is not a prerequisite.

What Expectations Should You Have for A Search Engine Optimization Consultant?

It is really quite simple:

  • Honesty – be honest about timelines and situations. Surprises and setbacks will always happen, how one deals with them is the measure of integrity
  • Accuracy – the consultant should guide the client towards the best outcomes in the most streamlined manner possible

Search engine optimization is an ongoing process. There will be constant changes and updates. The main expectation one should have when hiring a consultant is for realistic results in realistic time frames. In short, local search terms in low to medium competition markets can take up to 12 months for page 1 ranking (location like SEO Las Vegas, SEO Portland, SEO Sacramento). National and global search terms in medium competition markets can take up to 24 months to rank (locations like SEO NYC, SEO LA). And, lastly, high competition markets can take up to 36 months or more to rank.

We can maximize your online visibility.
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