August 24, 2018

How to Brand Your Chiropractic Practice and Services Online

The success of a chiropractic clinic depends upon its approach to marketing in most cases, but the majority of chiropractic graduates have little experience in marketing and most internet marketing courses only teach the basics.

Whether you are an experience, established chiropractor looking to expand your practice’s reach, or launching a practice for the first time, these points and Sapid SEO Company’s SEO services will prove invaluable.

The first thing you’ve got to do is define your brand: “What makes you stand out from the other DCs in your area?” You all technically can do the same things, but you certainly are not all the same in terms of approach, process, attitude, focus, integrity and quality of care. So you’ve got to dig into some of those qualitative, emotional factors that set you and your practice apart.

Define the Strategic Position, Brand, Target Market and Web Presence for your Chiropractic Office

We’ve addressed this before in our other articles about chiropractic marketing. The first step to take is to do a strategic positioning exercise, so that you clearly know what you offer that makes you stand out from your competition. When you have this element correct, you have done a great deal of the work, and believe us it is more difficult that you might think...

You simply can’t look at your market through your chiropractic eyes, years of experience, study and knowledge. You’ve got to develop the mental flexibility to attempt to perceive your chiropractic clinic, services, and yourself through the eyes of your ideal target client.

Who exactly is my ideal client and why specifically would they want me to be their chiropractor. (Believe me, we’re doing the same thing over here for you - putting ourselves in your shoes and realizing that your bombarded by emails and phone calls from around the world offering you SEO or internet marketing.)

Brand Development for Chiropractors

Twenty or forty years ago, it was enough to put an ad in the Yellow Pages, lease an office space and the phone would ring. Today, unless you live in a small town, you have a lot of competition. And, not only within the chiropractic niche, but you are competing with physical therapists, alternative therapists, massage therapists and much more. Everything from your chiropractic practice’s name, to your logo, to the color scheme, to your website domain need to both stand out and be consistent.

More than just that, it needs to mean something and present a persona that your potential client identifies with based upon their primary lead system (NLP jargon). Essentially, the visually-oriented person needs to be able to ‘see’ themselves receiving the sort of care they imagine in your clinic. So lots of photos and videos on your website and social media sites are helpful to achieve this goal.

The auditory person needs to hear in your voice and the voice of the staff the words and tonality that ensure them that your chiropractic services sound like a great place to receive care. In this case, video and audio clips like radio interviews can be helpful to have on your website.

The kinesthetic person needs to get the feeling that your practice is where he or she will go to feel better. Color combinations, the aesthetics of the office space, and all things that make your practice feel comfortable are important to trigger the right sensations in this person’s body. This is a case where your website, social media and office must flow together to generate feelings of comfort, professionalism and safety.

Another sort of person is auditory-digital. This person reads a lot and they pay attention to the fine print. They are not forgiving about typos, poor grammar or a lack of knowledge. They will show up at your clinic having spent hours pouring over Wikipedia and reading clinical trials regarding the efficacy of chiropractic. They are skeptics, but they want to believe, and they want a list of case studies provided by you. So obviously, you must be knowledgeable about your services and be willing to speak to them on a clinical level, but also on your website it helps tremendously if you link to other authoritative sites or clinical studies, research papers or case studies whenever the slightest claim is made. These people might seem like difficult patients, but they will send you a lot of people if you win them over because they are mavens and they love to accumulate knowledge and information.

How to Design a Chiropractic Logo, Choose Fonts and Color Schemes for your Brand as a Chiropractor

You probably should not design your own logo… unless you happen to have the talents and/or skills to do it. Your logo should obviously be unique, but more than just that, a well-designed logo hints at the core essence of your practice. It does not have to be complicated, but it must be memorable and congruent with the rest of your brand identity.

Look at our logo for Sapid SEO Company. It is an S within a hexagon combined with a font that we decided represented a high degree of elegance. We get a lot of positive feedback on the logo, although it is something quite simple. Simple, but professional and we want it to become globally recognizable. Your logo must do something similar. It needs to convey a message to your ideal target market. Our primary target market includes auto dealerships, chiropractors, dentists, CPAs and financial advisors, real estate agents, tech manufacturers, hotels and resorts, and exporters. These are all serious industries that value professionalism. If we had a grungy, hipster website we would most likely be immediately disqualified from being a potential internet marketing services company for them.

Choosing fonts and color combinations is considered a soft science, but consider seriously that big companies spend a lot of money to determine what will give their brand the leading edge. Microsoft spent $80 million defining the best shade of blue for Bing. If the big corporations take it seriously, then you might want to also.

How to Get a Great Looking Chiropractic Website Design

Most chiropractic websites we review are pretty pathetic. Maybe one out of 10 look professionally designed and out of that 10%, perhaps another 10% are actually well structured.

Here is a significant issue. If you want to rank your website at the top of page 1 in the search engines in a competitive market, you’re going to need much more than a 7-page website that you or your receptionist made over the weekend.

We can’t tell you the number of times that we’ve been asked to rank these sites and the answer is you just can’t do it in a competitive market. Your site needs depth, well written content on your primary pages in excess of 1,000 words per page, new blog content on a regular basis, and a hierarchical structure that essentially represents a library index system of your site’s content.

A pretty website just won’t cut it and most designers can’t help you beyond this. A cheap web design is going to be more expensive in the long run, because after a few months or years of wondering why no one visits your website, you come to a digital marketing agency and ask what the problem is and we tell you that your site is not optimized. “But… we paid $24,000 for the site…” Yep. We’ve heard it countless times.

How do you determine how good your website needs to be in your local market? It is easy. Open a private browser window and search for “chiropractor [your city]”. For starters, just for starters, your website needs to function as well as the top result and have a minimum of the same number of pages with the same amount of written content as your top ranking competitor. That is just for starters.

How to Create A Successful Chiropractic Blog That People Read

Ask yourself this, aside from your mom, who is really interested in reading your blog about chiropractic topics? People with a problem that they believe a chiropractor can solve… right?

How to Write Chiropractic Blog Articles

Here is a tip that will make your life (and my team’s lives) so much simpler - you can become a client later and pay us for this one since it will make a huge difference. Avoid keyword cannibalism. This means repeating the same keyword phrase on multiple website pages. It is important to avoid doing this because you dilute the strength and focus of each page on your site.

If you have a page on your website focusing upon the keyword phrase “[your city] chiropractor”, then don’t - please don’t - create other pages or blog posts that use “[your city] chiropractor” in the titles or headers.

We see this all the time with clients who get stuck on page 3-10 of search results. They can’t figure out why their pages don’t rank higher, but on multiple pages of their website they repeat the same keyword phrases. This throws a search engine like Google into circles. The bots will scan your website and determine that the site is about “[your city] chiropractor” but since every page is the same it can’t be that relevant so your site receives a soft penalty.

We have a simple mantra: “One page, one keyword.” Feel free to repeat it in the shower for 30 days straight.

Now, that said, there can be variations of the same keyword on one page or in a blog article. For example, returning to “[your city] chiropractor”… If this is the primary keyword phrase you want to target, then on this same page you could include in the headers and the text copy: “chiropractor in [your city]”, “chiropractic clinic [your city]”, and “chiropractic practice [your city]” because it is contextual as this page is dedicated to a specific geographic location and chiropractic services. This gives the bots an associative point to focus upon and we can do the rest to rank you for other relevant related keyword phrases with our SEO services.

Returning to Blogging for Chiropractors

Essentially, have a pre-planned theme. We outlined 12 articles in our chiropractic marketing outreach blogs. We will later use this similar format to update for our other niches, since it really is the same content but a different context.

Once you have identified the focus of your practice, your target market and your brand identity, then focus on their problems. Obviously you can take each service you offer and break it down into sub-segments but don’t be a keyword cannibal. How would this look?

Let’s Take Blogging About Car Accident Chiropractic from an SEO Perspective

We would define who the target market is: chiropractors focused upon car accident victims. We would create a list of the potential car accident related pains, problems, and complaints and solutions. Then we would address one specific topic in an article and make sure that the keywords do not conflict with any other pages on our site.

Blog About Chiropractic for Low Back Pain from an SEO Perspective

We would define who the target market is: car accident victims. We would create a list of the potential car accident related pains, problems, complaints and solutions. Then we would address one specific topic in an article and make sure that the keywords do not conflict with any other pages on our site.

Write Blog Articles About Chiropractic for Neck Pain from an Internet Marketing Perspective

Again, we would define who the target market is: people suffering from neck pain. We then create a list of the potential neck pain related causes, problems, complaints and solutions. Then we would address one specific topic in an article and make sure that the keywords do not conflict with any other pages on our site.

How to Market Chiropractic for Headaches from an Search Engine Optimization Perspective

Once again, we define who the target market is: people with headaches. We then create a list of the potential headache related causes, problems, complaints and solutions. Then we would address one specific topic in an article and make sure that the keywords do not conflict with any other pages on our site.

Your Blog Represents Your Chiropractic Brand Focus

Your chiropractic clinic’s blog is supposed to enhance your practice’ strategic position, promote your service categories, define your credentials and expertise, send professional messages, and identify the benefits your patients receive. This is the primary function of your blog. The more clear, concise, well-structured and well-written it is, the quicker you will see results when you work with a chiropractic marketing and SEO agency.

Sapid SEO Company Chiropractic Branding Consulting and Marketing

We want your chiropractic practice to be as successful as possible and for you to reach the right people who value your services. Sapid SEO Company can maximize your online visibility through the application of our experience consulting, unique strategies, and marketing systems. Feel free to contact us today and request a free initial consult.

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