September 6, 2018

Measuring the Effectiveness of Chiropractic Advertising and Marketing

Why is it important to measure the effectiveness of your chiropractic advertising campaigns? Because if you can measure it, you can control it. If you can control it, you can improve it.

A little over 20 years ago, advertising was largely limited to television, radio and print. For most chiropractors, TV ads were just out of the question in terms of cost. Radio was less expensive, but still costly. And, print ads in newspapers and magazines was the least expensive, but still not cheap. Another possible option was to take out a billboard ad, and those had a broad range of costs depending upon geographic and demographic factors.

What would happen? A clinic would run an ad on one of those mediums and essentially wait for the phone to ring. Often, for tracking purposes, there was a coupon code to mention or a discount for saying the source of the referral. It wasn’t because the clinic was being nice, it was because they needed a way to correlate the source of the inquiry.

In this older advertising model we can only accurately track conversions. This means the number of people who were exposed to the ad and took action because of it.

The evolution of digital advertising campaigns for chiropractors

When advertising on the internet started to become common, for the first time in history it became possible to monitor additional factors involved in the marketing process. For example, it became possible to post an advertisement, measure the actual impressions (the number of unique people who viewed the ad), to gather some demographic details about these people, and then track the impression through to a conversion (typically when a sale is completed).

Now this new data gave marketers some tremendous insights. If people saw an ad but did not purchase, it gave an indicator that some of those marketing P’s were not being satisfied for the potential customer.

How does this relate to marketing and advertising your chiropractic clinic? If you begin ad campaigns and/or SEO, you need to track important details that give you feedback about your site.

The importance of Google analytics for effectively marketing a chiropractic clinic

Let’s assume that you position your website for the following keyword variation: “[your target city] chiropractor”. This is a great basic keyword phrase that most chiropractic clinics should be focused on. This is a geographic location and the word chiropractor. Typically when someone is searching for this phrase online, they are looking for services in their area. On the other hand, if they just search for ‘chiropractor’ they might be looking for more general information.

How would you track what is happening with your website visitors? One good option is to use Google Analytics.

Unique visitors

A great indicator of your websites overall traffic is the quantity of unique visitors. This gives you one potential factor to calculate and it is based upon a presupposition that should be mostly true: the people visiting your website are interested in chiropractic treatments. So ideally, your website is receiving mostly people who want chiropractic. This might be a big assumption and why you need to know the search phrases or locations that your site visitors come from…

Page view

How many individual pages are your website visitors viewing? If your content is engaging and perceived to be value, then they are likely to visit multiple pages and spend a significant amount of time on the pages.

Organic SERP ranking

SERP (search engine results pages) are the search engine pages displayed in response to an online search query. This is an important indicator in terms of the source of the traffic coming to your website. If you rank on page 1 of Google in the top 3 positions for “[your target city] chiropractor” then you are likely to receive the majority of the traffic for that search phrase. High rankings represent one thing really - your ability to SEO (search engine optimize) your content. In nearly every niche that involves significant revenues, Organic rankings are not going to be natural unless you own one of the few hundred super power websites in the world that have massive authority and readers.

Bounce rate

What percentage of visitors visit your website and immediately “bounce” (leave) without clicking any links to other pages. Bounce rate is important to consider because the higher it is, this means a larger portion of the people who visit your website immediately recognize that it does not have the information that they are seeking. There are several factors that affect this:

Incorrectly targeted keyword phrases - your site ranks for irrelevant terms.

Poor aesthetic taste - maybe it is the purple and orange camouflage theme with big red arrows everywhere?

Low trust and authority signals - do people wonder if they are going to get ripped off if they buy through your website?

Marketing mix factors definitely affect bounce rate. So, don’t take it personally, just test and adapt.

Conversion rate

The conversion rate is the percentage of site visitors that take defined, specific actions. This could be watching a video, signing up for a news letter, getting into a sales funnel or even making a purchase. Each business is different but it is typically agreed that if you can get a highly targeted demographic to your website and it converts around 2-3% then that is quite decent. This means that for every 100 targeted visitors, you get 2-3 customers. Now, the unknown factor is how much does it cost to get the 100 targeted visitors.

Inbound links

This is an interesting variable. Yes you want them, but they are really hard to get. If you are in a local market, it is highly recommended that get inbound links from other relevant websites in your area. In national and global markets, you still need relevant links from other sites but getting those is challenging and this is why there is a market for SEO services. There is a direct correlation between high quality link sources and the overall reputation and trust your website has online.

Sapid SEO Company manages measurable marketing and advertising campaigns for chiropractors

We set up multiple tracking points for our customers. In fact, as SEO consultants and digital marketing experts we track everything when it comes to our marketing services. In order to effectively operate and grow a business, one must have a finger on the pulse of it and be able to measure results.

If you want to stand out among your competitors, then contact Sapid SEO Company today. We will analyze your current marketing results and define what must be done in order to maximize your visibility in your local market and Google maps for the keyword phrases related to the services offered by your clinic.

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