Defining Relevant NYC Digital Marketing Strategies to Boost SEO Results


Email marketing or content marketing?

Social media marketing or Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns? Or maybe both?

Video marketing, live streaming, YouTube uploads?

There are a lot of strategies that exist in the ever-evolving digital marketing world. What each of the strategies have in common are that they consist of a group of planned actions with the intended goal of a specific outcome.

In most cases, the ultimate final goal is to drive a sale.

Implementing Digital Marketing Strategies for NYC

When it comes to thinking about the implementation of digital marketing strategies, one of the first actions to take is to define with clarity the sales funnel process.

Let's say that you consult with a New York SEO agency and together you agree on a digital marketing strategy that will result in the visibility you want, but that is not the final destination.

The old maxim of "build it and they will come..." doesn't quite convert like it used to...

So, you must test and try to put yourself in your target client's shoes and imagine that you arrive on your website to an SEO optimized page and then what...?

What actions do you want them to take?

What actions do they want to take?

What will keep them on the page?

Define Your Ideal Client's Interest Level and Potential Actions

These general questions must be broken down into a series of more specific objectives or action steps.For an example, if our goal or purpose in particular is to give a business a higher degree of presence online, the you must highlight what it is that the business does differently and identify the problems that this organization solves.

Clearly, not all the businesses come from the same point, or think exactly the same, or have the same ideas. Depending on the uniqueness of every situation, the objectives of most organizations will be more oriented to the positioning of the brand and the creation of value to the public.

Existing brands might be interested in enhancing customer loyalty or the reducing abandoned shopping cars.

Some common digital marketing objectives are:

  • Web positioning: strategies oriented to rise the visibility in online organic search results (SEO)
  • Increase sales: strategies to keep users engaged on a site and purchase a product or service
  • Client avatar research: deep analysis of site visitors and existing customer/client profiles
  • Increase social media visitors: precise targeting based upon social media profiles

Digital marketing offer us a world of possibilities to develop great creative content.

The major factor is defining what you want to achieve and who you are going to achieve it with (from a targeted client perspective). It might be as simple as:

  1. Be clear about the problems your product or service solves
  2. Research the potential target market
  3. Discover what keywords they are searching for online
  4. Maximize visibility using SEO (this is what Sapid SEO Company does for its clients around the globe)
  5. Compliment SEO visibility with social media branding activities
  6. Have a concise call to action

There are no strict tutorials in digital marketing. With two different clients, Sapid SEO Company would have to adapt SEO efforts to their specific market in the terms that are being targeted online. The content is different, but the context is almost always the same.

The same truism probably applies to your business.

Contact us today to learn how Sapid SEO Company can maximize your online visibility.

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