April 3, 2024

The Top Reasons Why Working With An SEO Agency Beats PPC

If you are considering using pay per click (PPC) or any other paid online marketing services, then you need to know that the moment you stop paying for PPC the traffic to your site will stop. When you pay a reliable SEO agency, in most cases their client's results ranking are so outstanding it removes the need for any PPC campaigns because they are not nearly as cost effective.

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A trustworthy SEO agency knows that there are three avenues for online marketing: search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) and social media marketing. Social media marketing works by creating content that others find valuable and share (this is highly unpredictable and difficult to repeat when it is successful). PPC is very expensive upfront and requires split testing in order to maximize ROI. Most small businesses don’t have the funds to do the necessary testing. SEO is slower but over the long run can have the highest ROI for an organization. It just takes time and a skilled SEO company to rank a website for specific keyword phrases.

Why SEO is Better Than PPC

With pay per click marketing you pay for every visitor to your site whether they like your offering or not. With SEO your site will appear high in Google search results and this has no direct cost associated with the visitors who go click through to your website. False or phony click throughs are a serious issue for PPC ad campaigns. In a study, it was identified that 18% of click throughs on PPC links on Google were false. To puts it simply this could be your competitors clicking through to your website to increase your marketing costs. The higher your costs without any returns, the more likely it is that you will stop using PPC.

If your site appears in both the paid and unpaid search results, then you would see about 10x more site traffic come from the organic Google search results than PPC ads. There is a certain psychology associated with online visitors clicking on paid ad links specifically if they are labeled as such, like in Google showing “Ad" to the side of a PPC ad. Online searchers realize this and understand it is a paid advertisement. Over the course of a year, the cost of setting up an initial SEO campaign should have improved the overall site traffic at a much lower cost compared to what a PPC campaign will have accomplished. From our client testimonials there is about a 6x website traffic increase weighted for SEO versus PPC ads.

When it comes down to it a well optimized SEO campaign will get your site massive amounts of new, targeted traffic. Of course, the conversions — selling the product and services — is then the responsibility of the organization since the responsibility of the SEO company is to drive traffic. It is important to make sure you pair your SEO campaign with good website design, clear calls to action and effective marketing principles to maximize all the conversion factors.

If you are searching for a solid SEO agency to rank your websites and bring more visibility to your organization, contact Sapid SEO Company today.

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