August 29, 2018

What to Outsource With Your Chiropractic Clinic Digital Strategies for Marketing?

Is outsourcing chiropractic clinic digital marketing something you should consider? In this day and age, not too many small-to-medium-sized companies operate without outsourcing some elements of their business. For the majority, it makes more sense to contract another company to take care of certain activities that require a degree of specialization but do not warrant the full-time investment to bring such services in-house. This allows for a company to conduct operations with enhance efficiency while not taking on the overhead necessary to develop this side of their business.

Essentially, outsourcing allows a business to focus on the services or products it provides while allowing other professionals to manage the essential, but tertiary elements of the business. In the case of chiropractic clinics, outsourcing can be done in a variety of different areas. In this article, we will focus upon the benefits of outsourcing digital marketing activities, but other areas of consideration could include: human resources, receptions, scheduling, complimentary therapies, accounting, and other business development activities.

What activities should your chiropractic practice outsource?

The activities to outsource vary depending upon the focus and needs of your particular chiropractic practice. There are two activity categories to consider outsourcing:

Outsource critical chiropractic clinic activities

Take a moment and reflect upon what makes money for your practice… A patient shows up, receives a treatment, and the clinic receives a payment. However, what does it take for the patient to show up? The following is a potential process flow for your practice:

1. Potential patient becomes aware of your clinic.
2. Potential patient contacts client for more information and/or to schedule.
3. Patient arrives and receives treatment.
4. Patient is billed and [hopefully] rescheduled.

This seems simple enough, right? Actually it is not. Step 1 has numerous moving pieces. Did the patient hear about your practice by word-of-mouth, social media, search engine results, maps, physical passerby, an event, direct outreach or some other form of marketing? Each one of these has additional components that can be optimized and leveraged when outsourced to the appropriate agency.

Step 2 and 4 have some overlap. First, the person who responds to inquiries needs to be knowledgeable, and also sales-oriented. This persons focus should be to answer questions in a way that removes objections and set the appointment. There are different billing models, but one suggestion is to offer a small discount for prepayment on the phone (you raise your rates to offset the cost if offering a discount is an issue). You’ll find that no-shows are actually more expensive and pre-billing will dramatically reduce your flaky patients.

Step 3 is the critical factor. You can’t outsource the chiropractor (unless it is you of course!)… If you own the clinic, then by all means you need to be thinking about how you replace yourself in the system and then scale up. If that is your cup of tea… [wink wink]. But there are also other factors involved in the treatment. Perhaps there is a prior-to-adjustment massage, or cryotherapy or some other form of complimentary therapy. In this case, it might be better to outsource (subcontract) the therapist so that you don’t have to worry about personnel or managing staff.

Outsource routine chiropractic practice activities

Routine business activities are known as commodity tasks. Receptionists, appointment setters, tech services, janitorial services, garment cleaning, and other similar services can be outsourced. These sorts of services are operated by other companies that function off of economies of scale. The more clients they have, the lower their overhead is and the more profitable their businesses become.

When does it make sense for chiropractic outsourcing?

A simple cost/time calculation can indicate when you might want to outsource different tasks involved in operating your chiropractic practice. Let’s say your clinic is a new startup and you need a logo. Do you hire a graphic designer as an employee? Of course not! You contract a designer for the logo and hope that the design will last a decade or more.

Your clinic needs a website. Do you hire a web designer as an employee? I wouldn’t recommend it. A website build should be a one time event with updates to design/style/functionality every couple years. It makes more sense to contract a web design agency (but please speak with your SEO consultant first otherwise you will likely waste money).

A cost/time analysis will help you put into perspective the elements that will benefit from outsourcing and even better it helps you to establish goals and a timeline. The big picture purpose with outsourcing is to free up your time, your critical staff’s time, and your budget to focus upon income-generating activities. When your clinic’s outsourcing is properly structured, outsourcing various activities will enable for the streamlining of your chiropractic practice.

Critical outsourcing considerations for chiropractors

As Sapid SEO Company focuses upon digital marketing services for chiropractors, we want to point out some extremely important mistakes to avoid.

Own your chiropractic website, chiropractic domain name and chiropractic social media accounts

Too often we have seen chiropractors who have websites hosted on servers that they do not technically own (and cannot access), and even worse domain names that they do not legally own. In addition to this, there are social media accounts that the chiropractors do not have administrative control over.

What is the risk in this? The first rule is to assume that there is a likelihood that relationship dynamics will change over time. The owner of a chiropractic clinic, must ensure that he or she has ultimate control over all aspects relating to your primary digital marketing accounts. From there, you can delegate access as you will. We have seen many cases of business partnerships ending, romantic relationships ending and the challenges of trying to recuperate critical social media accounts, websites and domain names that are not directly in your control.

Outsource chiropractic social media marketing and digital marketing for your clinic

A competitive digital marketing agency already has tens of thousands of dollars invested in their systems and years of experience. The top ranking chiropractors in your area are likely not doing their internet marketing in-house and to compete with their results you should not try to down your digital marketing either.

You might be able to get away with doing your own basic social media management, but your time is better off working with patients or doing activities that only you can do to bring in patients. If you really need new patients, you should be doing podcasts, videos, radio shows, tv shows, local seminars, workshops, attending networking events and other activities that require your expertise and personality.

When you combine those in-person activities (that leave a trail of social media and website backlinks) with our SEO systems, we can totally maximize your brand in your local market place and make you and your clinic the perceived authorities to both the public and the search engines. We will make your Google Maps listing stand out in the top 3 positions on page 1 of Google for the highest level of visibility.

We do full time SEO, social media management, content creation and much more to position our clients in front of their target markets. You simply can’t compete with what we can do and you shouldn’t worry about trying since you are in the chiropractic business, not digital marketing.

Sapid SEO Company makes outsourcing chiropractor digital marketing streamlined and profitable

We have the experience and ability to maximize your online visibility. Not only will we do a thorough review of your website and current marketing strategies to show you what needs improving, we will also reveal to you additional vertical niches that can be targeted to bring you directly in front of the potential patients who are actively search for the results you can provide - but outside of the chiropractic niche.

Contact us today for a full analysis and consultation. We will move you to the top of your target market.

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