March 6, 2024

Why Hire A Portland Web Designer Who Understands SEO

Why You Should Hire a Professional Web Designer Who Understands SEO

Some people will be surprised to hear that there are still some first and second generation websites online today that paid no attention to on-site search engine optimization (SEO) and they still rank relatively well in the Portland local market. These websites are able to attract organic visitors and organic traffic, despite not focusing on search engine rankings. As much as these internet marketing services websites might have served a purpose a few years back, they might be doing more harm than good right now [read “bounce rate”] especially with the increase in competition in the search engine rankings in the local PDX Metro market online. It’s important to focus on attracting organic visitors and increasing organic traffic. After all, what good is a website that simply pays no attention to user experience and search engine optimization? It’s important to consider both aspects in order to improve search engine rankings and attract organic visitors. Without optimizing your website for search engines like Google, it will be difficult to reach your target audience and increase your online visibility. How are your organic visitors supposed to find, associate with and like your brand if your business website does not attract or encourage them to do so? Are your seo campaigns effectively driving website traffic? Do search engines even still rank these websites? The answer is yes – for now – in some cases.

The Importance of On-Site SEO in Web Design

Today, almost every business owner with a website wants to be number one on search engine result pages. However, not every website is properly structured or optimized for SEO services and local SEO to achieve that coveted first page ranking on Google. This takes time, SEO and continuous effort. Unfortunately, most small businesses owners, thanks to being overwhelmed with the technical terminology surrounding search engine optimization (SEO), tend to think that this entire process is shrouded in darkness and is the realm of shady SEO experts. However, it is important for these business owners to understand the importance of SEO in order to improve their visibility on search engines. Working with experienced web developers can help small businesses navigate the complexities of SEO and ensure their website is optimized for search engines. The truth is that any professional company for web design in Portland Oregon should be able to do an average job in setting up websites. However, when it comes to websites, SEO services, and online marketing services, a trip over to,, or the Google PageSpeed tool seems to indicate otherwise. These tools can help with SEO audits. From the inception of websites, to the execution and the maintenance of the site, everything should work in harmony to create the perfect portal for your online presence. Online marketing services play a crucial role in enhancing online visibility and helping clients get information and make a buying decision. Without on-site SEO, your online marketing efforts in terms of backlinking and social media movement will fall short and even experience resistance as far as improving your search engine ranking and online visibility is concerned.

This brings us back to the first and second generation websites we talked about earlier in the context of online marketing and SEO services. It is important to optimize your website for search engines like Google, as it can greatly impact your online advertising efforts. Since many of these websites had no on-site SEO and website maintenance configured into their design, we are talking about web design aspects such as online marketing, optimization, and websites.

  • Overall website aesthetics

  • Loading speeds

  • Image compression

  • Meta content

  • Caching

  • The appropriate use of headers

  • The ease with which a visitor can find and read the desired text

  • The kind of images and videos embedded within the site

  • Ease of website navigation and so on

Since websites and Google have become increasingly important, website maintenance and SEO services are necessary for older sites. Today, almost every visitor will leave immediately unless the information is excellent. This leads to something called ‘Pogo sticking’. This is when a customer visits your website and immediately logs off and goes to your competitor’s site because they did not like the aesthetics of your online marketing. Search engines, like Google, analyze the rate at which clients ‘pogo stick’ your website to determine if it is optimized for positive user experience. This is where the expertise of an SEO company comes in. They provide SEO services to ensure that your website is optimized and ranks well on search engines. And since every search engine, including Google, is in the business of pleasing their clients, they will stop suggesting your website as a solution to online searches. This is why it’s crucial to invest in advertising and hire an SEO company to optimize your website. As a result, your website will lose valuable organic traffic from Google if you neglect website maintenance and fail to optimize your website design.

Why Hire a Portland Web Designer Who Understands SEO?

Proper SEO (search engine optimization) is a marriage between Google, websites, business, services, web design, and internet marketing. It is that simple. These two aspects have to go hand in hand. If you have a web designer who does not pay attention to websites and clients, it can negatively impact your Google rankings and drive away potential customers.

  • How the load speeds affects the rate at which people leave your site (almost two thirds of your visitors will leave if your site takes longer than 3 seconds to load)

  • How proper website structure and design appeals to the human eye (certain colors get a warmer reception than others thus encouraging further website exploration)

  • How important it is to interlink the internal webpages so that both users and search engines can easily navigate through the site

  • How broken links within your pages negatively affect your overall ranking

  • What mages and video formats improve your ranking

  • If your website is responsive (it looks and functions well on mobile devices)

Not only will you end up with websites that perpetually work against your Google marketing efforts, but you will also have sites that require constant maintenance. Our services ensure that your websites are optimized to attract and retain customers. This in itself can be expensive.

Performing on-page SEO on an existing website takes the same amount of time as designing a new website. This is crucial for websites looking to improve their visibility on Google and enhance their marketing efforts in search. The only difference is that trying to have on-page SEO performed on a poorly designed website (one that did not take websites, google, marketing, and business into account) will cost you more time and a great deal of money. And still not perform as well as it should.

It makes more sense to hire a web designer in Portland Oregon who understands SEO to design your business website. This will ensure that your website is optimized for search engines like Google and will attract more traffic to your site. A well-designed website is crucial for effective marketing of your products or services. This is someone who will approach the entire website design project with the user – as well as the Google search engine – experience in mind. Insignia SEO offers exceptional services for optimizing your website. Not only will Insignia SEO design a website that appeals to users by being easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing, but their services will also ensure that Google’s search engine bots have an easy time navigating and indexing your site. This greatly improves your chances to rank high on Google and other search engines for web design, website design, marketing, and insignia seo.

Website SEO Is Increasingly About Responsive Web Design and User Experience

Another issue that affects almost every first and second generation website is that they aren’t responsive to Google’s design and marketing services. Today, almost everyone surfing the net uses Google on their hand held device to access websites that offer web design services. It is projected that in just under 5 years, almost every single person with access to the internet will be using their smartphone to browse Google, visit websites, and engage with SEO and web design. This means that your website needs to be able to respond to the kind of hand held device any one of your users could be using, including Google’s search engine, and to properly fit on the associated screen. Make sure to optimize your website’s design for SEO and consider using professional design services. This goes towards increasing the all-important user experience.

Unless your website designer understands Google SEO and marketing, you will be fighting a losing battle. There is a lot to be done if you are to rank as number one on Google’s search engine result pages (SERPs) for your website’s SEO and web design. Not only do you need relevant SEO content that is easy to digest and appeals to your audience all the while being useful and effective in their lives, but you also need to pay attention to periodic Google algorithm changes that determine the ranking parameters of your website. This is crucial for effective marketing. All this takes coordination and a solid internet marketing strategy for SEO and web design. It’s important to consider how Google will perceive your website when implementing these strategies. The backbone and basis of this marketing strategy should be having a website that has in-built on-site SEO capabilities. Otherwise, no matter how much off-site internet marketing you do for your seo website; no matter how many clicks you lead back to your site through these seo efforts, they will always leave as soon as they land on your web design.

Contact us today if you want to have an SEO optimized web designed or if you want us to evaluate your existing site for SEO optimization.

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