Having a Clearly Defined Sacramento Target Market Simplifies Everything

You are reading this post because Sapid SEO Company helps to SEO Sacramento businesses that want to achieve the highest visibility in their target markets. Similar to you, in our area of expertise, we can help practically any organization rank on the first page of Google providing they adhere to our guidance.

In your case, potential clients with specific problems, needs, wants and desires are looking for experts in your specific business area. We can help you funnel the general people searching for Sacramento business services or products to your website. But, there are also the people who need your services or products, but they don’t know that your business exists or that your business can help them because they are not specifically looking for the solutions that you offer at this time.

What needs to happen in such a case, is your organization needs to do a form of cross-over marketing and branding that creates awareness that there is a solution to the problems such potential clients have. Inform them of the problem, educate, and offer solutions.


Define the Solutions to the Problems Your Potential Clients and Customers in Sacramento Want

People who know about the benefits of using your Sacramento business’s services or products are looking for the general keywords or for a business that is geographically located in a convenient area.

The way to penetrate the market is to begin to think like the person who has the problems that you specialize in treating:

What are they searching for…?


Create a Sacramento Patient Avatar to Better Understand Your Sacramento Market

Imagine that you were your ideal Sacramento customer or client, but you had never experienced what your Sacramento business offers…

How would you explain your problem?

What are the emotional or physical pains?

What is not being experienced?

What are the desired changes or outcomes such a person would want?

What are the solutions that you want to experience?

If you had to type your problems or challenges into a search engine like Google, what would you be searching for…?

Reverse Engineer Your Sacramento Services Marketing

Many businesses offer services, but you might also have a product that you market so this technique applies to either a service or a product. You are the expert (at least you should be if you are the person in charge of marketing a Sacramento business) so outline a full description of your services or products.

What is the basic service that you offer to everyone?

Why do they need it?

Who can benefit from it?

What benefits are expected?

What are the common fears, concerns or misconceptions that the average person might have regarding such services?

What does a new customer or client want to feel when they walk out of your establishment?

Narrow Down Your Sacramento Market to Reach Your Ideal Clients

Why is clarity important?

It allows you to have a clear vision regarding the services you offer and the specific people you focus on helping. It also makes it simple for people to remember you when they meet you. When you solve a specific problem, people will remember it. If your business is good at solving the problem, they will send you other people who have similar problems.

“If you go too wide, you drown in opportunity” -Mark Cuban

What is your Sacramento Service Value Proposition?

The value proposition is typically discovered during the process of defining a business’s product or service. It is imperative that you be able to pinpoint exactly what value your product or services provide the marketplace.

What problem do you solve?

How do you help people?

Here are Some Steps on How to Clarify Your Value Proposition:

  1. Take out a piece of paper and write one sentence describing each service you offer.
  2. Now, write out a list of each main feature of each service.
  3. Next to each feature list the benefits it provides, and if they exist, the benefits of those benefits.
  4. Once you have your benefits listed, make a list of people who have a need that your benefit fills.

This is your Sacramento business’s value proposition!

When you combine this degree of clarity regarding your target market, then it becomes much easier to position your brand and your services in from of the market that is looking for the Sacramento solutions you offer.

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