How to Make a Digital Marketing Plan

Although the rules and considerations for creating a digital marketing plan have not changed dramatically, they do present some particularities today. Since inbound marketing and content automation have emerged, our strategies have been diversified and the range of possibilities for marketing activities has increased.

Things that do not change in marketing

The basic parameters of strategic planning for marketing remain the same, and we continue to deliver our digital marketing plan by diagnosing the starting point and establishing the ideal outcomes we intend to create for our Sacramento clients. The diagnosis of the current situation must include its respective internal analysis, the audience, the competition and the existing challenges in the marketplace. This can be done through a SWOT analysis or other methodology that helps us visualize what the strengths and weaknesses of our current situation happen to be.

Once the start and end points of the plan have been established, we formulate the objectives that define the project. A very widespread practice is to establish them through the SMART methodology, according to which it must satisfy all our specific, measurable, achievable, and time-based factors.

Afterwards, each objective will be assigned a strategy. These strategies are also proposed in a specific, measurable and time-based manner. Its specificity defines the approach of a set of tactics or concrete actions related one another as the mechanism of achieving the desired results proposed by the corresponding objective. Regarding the measures of the subsequent impact of these strategies, we must be sure of selecting the appropriate ones and that they are not interrupted in time.

Some marketing approaches to consider

  • Online collaboration strategies. For some time, there has been a series of useful tools for assigning tasks to people involved in the deployment of a marketing plan, such as the creation of mental maps and online Gantt charts. The updates made up to now have modified them to the point of making such tools very fast and easy to use.
  • Rediscovered e-mail marketing. It can be said that currently the marketing email is going through a stage of updating or rediscovery as a digital marketing strategy. On the other hand, newsletters once again positioned themselves as an important strategy for customer loyalty, supported by the use of new and improved landing pages for the capture of leads. It is said that you can always own an email list, but you might not own a social media platform.
  • More images and less text are used on social networks. This is a trend confirmed by several experts and through the media that you can verify personally. When making your digital marketing plan, take into account that, if you want to insert direct or complex content through relatively long texts, you should rather use the posts on blogs or newsletters, instead of the social media posting tools.

Traditional marketing and digital marketing are emerging, and SEO is an influencing factor for every organization. Each are relatively general and for the most part, the majority of businesses need a digital marketing strategy as it is often the least expensive and quickest to employ.

If you need to enhance your online visibility, then speak with our Sacramento SEO expert team. We can help you to position your website for relevant keyword phrases so that you can test what converts into sales within your specific niche.

Contact us today, and we would be glad to offer a free evaluation of your site and current digital marketing strategy.

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