Your Sacramento Business Must Have a Clearly Defined Market Offering

In the Sacramento area, most businesses are focusing upon a geographic location and general keyword phrases to define their services and/or products.

This can work, but I want you to consider a slightly different strategy…

Go deep into your target niche within your service or product offerings and this will bring you high quality, targeted clients and customers.

Many businesses are essentially targeting anyone [already] interested in services or products. While this is an effective strategy and we can help you reach this goal for your local marketing, it isn’t the only strategy to have in play.

Explore Deeper Marketing Categories for Your Industry or Niche

Let’s use the example of chiropractic services and consider your business’s offerings in a relevant context.

The standard categories that most chiropractors market to are as follows:

Marketing and SEO for Healthy Lifestyle Focused Chiropractic Practices

Lifestyle focused practices could be said to have a holistic, integral approach to lifestyle changes. A part of this lifestyle change could integrate chiropractic service as a preventative measure and an integrative approach to well-being. However, the average person probably doesn’t know what subluxation is so this is a great opportunity to focus upon content creation that is relevant to the benefits that such an individual is seeking.

Examples of longevity and wellness topics could be ways to manage cognitive decline, avoiding depression, enhancing mobility, effective nutrition, hormone balancing, reducing cardiovascular disease risk, enhancing immune function, stress management and mindfulness practices.

By focusing online content towards these sub-niches, your practice has now entered into areas that are directly within the context of your offerings, but probably not the first solution that someone interested in wellbeing and longevity would think of as a way to experience the results they desire.

Marketing and SEO for Back Pain Focused Chiropractic Practices

Back pain is a very common issue for many people, but most people who have experienced chiropractic treatments will go to their preferred chiropractor for such solutions. What you want to reach are the people who are unfamiliar with back pain solutions and those who are likely using over the counter medicine to attempt to treat their symptoms.

Here is a quick tip: go to and type into the search field “my back hurts “ there is a space after the word ‘hurts’. This triggers the Google autocomplete function and Google will reveal common searches that use that phrase. Other variations are: “back pain when [space]” or “back aches when [space]”.

Now when you combine this sort of content with our local SEO services, your website becomes a powerhouse for local marketing that will drive people with the symptoms you treat to your website. Don’t just rely upon being the chiropractic practice people find when they are looking for chiropractors; instead, define the problems your target market is already searching for online outside of the context of chiropractic.

Marketing and SEO for Car Accident Injury Focused Chiropractic Practices

Chiropractors focusing upon helping car accident victims recover can also use a similar technique and discover what common problem-oriented search terms exist in addition to ranking for auto accident chiropractic services. Once again, Google autocomplete is very helpful and when combined with our chiropractic SEO services, your website articles and/or videos relating to “car accident treatments…”, “auto accident treatments…”, “car accident whiplash treatment…”, “car accident whiplash concussion…”, “car accident whiplash what to do…” are the perfect way to build trust, brand, and offer value. There are numerous additional keywords used in relation to auto accident injuries treatable within the chiropractic niche.

Marketing and SEO for Chronic Pain Focused Chiropractic Practices

Chronic pain is another massive market that chiropractors can serve. This can be addressed through chiropractic services, nutritional guidance/coaching, supplementation, exercise routines and more. There are numerous people suffering from fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel, piriformis syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, and many other afflictions that a chiropractor can help the patient to manage in a holistic manner.

Marketing and SEO for Herniated Disc Focused Chiropractic Practices

Herniated discs affect countless people, and they are looking for specific solutions online ranging from surgery to symptoms to exercises. “Can chiropractors treat herniated discs” is a long tail keyword phrase that your website should already be ranking for if this is a treatment you provide. But, so is “herniated disc treatment without surgery…” or “herniated disc lower back”.

This target market exercise isn’t complicated, but it tends to be overcomplicated by the professionals who are thinking from their position of expertise outward. Instead, imagine placing yourself in your potential patient’s shoes; suffering from pain and not knowing technical terms. How would they describe what they want, feel or need?

Marketing and SEO for Migraine Headache Focused Chiropractic Practices

Specializing in migraines is another excellent opportunity to help more people. Common autocomplete phrases include “migraine chiropractic adjustment…” or “migraine chiropractic adjustment [insert your local city, state to show up on the maps]. But even better yet, ranking “natural migraine relief…”, “migraine treatment”, “migraine remedies” in the context of your geographic market is another great way to penetrate the market and offer chiropractic as a solution.

Marketing and SEO for Sports Injury Focused Chiropractic Practices

Sports medicine is a booming industry and a great way to add value to your patients. However, the best value your patients can ever receive from you is by not having to see you for sports related injuries in the first place. All sports teams in your area needs the expert advice, training and supplemental coaching that a chiropractor can share.

Obviously, your practice needs to be highly visible for sports injury treatments, but the other lesser discussed market is injury prevention. Not only can this bring you to the awareness of coaches, but gym owners, business owners and more. Injury prevention boot camps, workshops and training events are great ways to get in front of the people who need you. Not only can you help prevent injuries, but in the inevitable case one does occur, you will also be the first person that comes to mind for treatment.

A Specific Sacramento Target Market Has Well-Defined Needs, Wants and Concerns

Although the previous examples were based upon chiropractic marketing, the same can be done with any niche.

Make a list of your ideal clients or customer’s biggest needs and problems.

Then we orient your website to address such problems.

Targeting a specific niche does not mean you exclude people who are outside your niche, it just helps you to focus your investment in marketing services and branding your practice within a specific area.

How to Select Your Target Market Demographics in Sacramento

Some important demographic factors to be clear about are the following. This doesn’t mean you can’t work with people outside your target, it just means you focus the majority of your efforts on this group.

1. Age
2. Location
3. Gender
4. Income level
5. Education level
6. Marital or family status
7. Occupation
8. Ethnic background / language

Refining Your Demographic Niche To Create The Ideal Sacramento Customer Avatar

Yes… kind of like the movie The Avatar… The persona or the hypothetical ideal client. What would this person be like? Identify his or her psychographics:
1. Personality
2. Attitudes
3. Values
4. Interests and/or hobbies
5. Lifestyle
6. Behavior / Activities

Sapid SEO Company Can Help You Reach Your Ideal Clients and Customers in the Sacramento Area

When you become clear with who you are, who your practice serves, and the marketplace that you really enjoy working with or want to target then all the stars align.

Sounds kind of woo woo, right?

But there is some truth to this… Helping the people that come to you because you have demonstrated that you are an expert in one specific area will bring you more general clients per word of mouth.

For example, going back to the chiropractic niche, when I was a teenager I played basketball and I had terrible bursitis in my knees. My dad had great success with the local chiropractor treating his back pain, and naturally, I ended up at the chiropractor’s office to treat my knees.

It was an unconventional treatment for sure, but it worked and it was a better solution than becoming dependent upon anti-inflammatory medicine at a young age.

We at Sapid SEO Company can help guide you in expanding your Sacramento area business and developing new traffic sources for your website through our SEO in Sacramento. We have done it for numerous clients and would love the opportunity to add you to our success list.

Contact us today, and we will review your website, market and keyword phrases we believe you should be targeting. Once we do this we will schedule a consulting call and review the path forward with you. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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