Can You SEO YouTube?

YouTube SEO: All You Need To Know

When searching for videos on Google, you must have noticed that YouTube videos occupy the top spots in the search engine results page. You must have wondered can SEO YouTube?

Well, you can optimize your YouTube videos to move them up in the ranking list on Google. If you want to know how to do it, then you are in the right place. In this post, we will take the opportunity to explain to you about SEO YouTube.

As you may already know YouTube is one of the most visited sites in the world. This makes it equally important as the other search engines. The site receives millions of visits in a month. Therefore, you have all the good reasons to rank your videos highly and get more views.

Ranking your videos on YouTube is similar to ranking your website on search engines. It is done with search engine optimization. That being said, now let’s find out how YouTube SEO works.


What is YouTube SEO?

Before moving on to any further details, let us first get to know what YouTube SEO is.
YouTube SEO is defined as the activity of optimizing your videos to rank higher in the YouTube search results page.

The optimization process includes:
• Using the right keywords
• Inserting closed captions to your videos
• optimizing your video meta descriptions and video descriptions

These are some of the important steps that help you to optimize and rank your videos higher in the YouTube queries.

If you play the right YouTube SEO card, you can get the desired results. This will help you to increase brand awareness, website traffic, video views, and revenue.


How does YouTube SEO work?

Now that you know what YouTube is, let’s get to know the way it works. Just so you know the process is similar to the ranking website on Google.

YouTube SEO is based on optimizing your YouTube videos and channel to increase exposure in the search results.

Just like Google, YouTube too has its ranking algorithm. This determines how your videos will be ranked on the platform.

If you own a YouTube channel, then you must know the following things about the YouTube ranking algorithm:

  1. Videos are ranked based on relevancy to a user
  2. Based on the number of subscribers
  3. Video engagement
  4. When your videos meta descriptions match with a user’s search query
  5. The number of videos a user has watched on your channel
  6. User’s watch history
  7. View velocity i.e. the number of subscribers who watches your videos right after you upload them

This should help you understand the way YouTube SEO works. If you can master this you can take your channel to the next level. If you are wondering how to do it, no worries because we have got you covered.


How to rank your videos higher in YouTube search results?

When you open a YouTube channel, you want everyone to see your videos and subscribe to your channel. This is only possible, only when your channel is visible to them. This is why you need to do all it takes to rank your website higher in the search results. This will make your videos and channel more visible.


Here are some tips that will help you make your videos more visible:

1. Keyword research

Even for YouTube videos, you need to conduct keyword research. That’s because YouTube ranks videos based on relevancy. You need to place the keywords in the meta description, video titles, and video transcription of your videos. This is why you need to find valuable keywords that will help rank your videos on the top. Your main aim should be to use keywords that will make your video relevant to the target audience. The trick is to use both long-tail and short keywords.

2. Create videos where you can use your target keyword

The next step is to create videos based on a topic using your target keywords. Sometimes, you should type in the keywords in the YouTube search box to find out the type of videos that shows on the results page. You should not forget that YouTube ranking is also based on the quality and engagement of your video. This is why you should aim to create a high-quality video with proper audio. After that use the target keywords in the video, so that you can use the same keyword while writing your video transcript.

3. Write a good description of your videos

The description of your YouTube videos is very important. That’s because it helps viewers to decide whether they are interested in watching it or not. This is why you should give an attractive description which will make viewers check your video. At the same time, you should also keep in mind to insert keywords in your video description. This will make your video more relevant to viewers. Many YouTube users also include the links of their other social media profiles in their descriptions. This is called a cross-promotion.

4. Use a click-worthy title

Not just that description, but even your title needs to be attractive and click-worthy. In other words, it should grab the attention of viewers, so that they end up watching your video. If your tittle is not appealing, they will simply skip to the next video. You need to use your keyword even in your title. This will again make your video more relevant. You see getting more clicks is fine, but to be successful you need to engage your audience.

5. Use video tags

Tagging is another way of making your content more visible to users. To get the best results, you should tag your keyword along with other relevant terms. These tags are similar to Instagram hashtags. By using the right tags, you can help your video rank on the top of the search results.

YouTube SEO can be easy, only if you know how to do it. It is very much similar to Google SEO. All you have to do is just hit at the right spots and you will surely get the desired results.

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