seo will be dead in 2 years

SEO will be dead in 2 years - WHAT???

Search Engine Optimization is the bread and butter of innumerable people. A dead-end to SEO would mean a dead end to multiple businesses pushing their data to customers using this technology.

So, to say SEO is dying might be a bit misleading. However, SEO is seeing drastic change these days. Being one of the most popular search engines, thriving on Google is a must for all the business. But the company has a history of introducing a ridiculously large number of algorithm changes every year.

Since the basic foundation of SEO lies in manipulating Google's search results, an ever-changing algorithm is a definite trouble. But that does not state that SEO will lose its charm in the next two years. And this is why!


Has SEO Met Its End

Seeing the popularity and focus on SEO in the current age, saying it has met its end can be a bit of a stretch. Every day millions of searches are conducted on search engines like Google or Bing. For these million searches, the data generated is massive. Sometimes it is even more than expected. This means, for even the most trivial topic like 'Apple,' there is a Tsunami of data waiting to breakthrough.

Even if there are volumes of content for every topic, it does not reach the reader. The reason for the same lies in Google’s algorithm. To ace the race of search, you need to produce excellent quality of content, with links holding high values, and spice it all up with some of the best SEO.

Since it is hard to keep up with the uncertainties that follow Google's algorithm updates, it still not indicative of the death of SEO. All it demands is a change in approach.


The Past, Present, And Future Of SEO

The internet has seen a massive increase in terms of users over the years. Earlier, there were times when searching was not even a feature for some online resources. But now, it is unimaginable to live a life without it. In all this development and popularity gain, SEO took the front seat.

With the advancement of the internet, ranking of webpages became a common thing. Content creators and the users started understanding the value of the keyword in getting the perfect hits for a search query.

Content with quality keywords, well spread across the body, successfully makes it to the top of the page. What has changed now is not the popularity of SEO but the way it is to be approached.


The Future Looks Safe

The presence of paid media, digital marketing, and voice search options appear like a threat to the future of SEO. When, in fact, it's not the case. All these new entities are mere players in the marketing domain, where SEO holds the primary position.

If the internet is evolving, the webpages are evolving too. The more popular the internet gets, the more popularity the webpages are going to receive too. And this is precisely what is happening. The need for fast and efficient search engines has increased.

The increasing algorithm changes at Google's ends are not for pressurizing the content producers or victimizing them. The idea is to filter the best out of the plethora of content that is pushed every day. To break through this filtration, you need great SEO supporting your content's spine.


How To Survive The Changing Algorithms

To achieve the desired quality, one needs to evolve through the old tactics of SEO and adapt to what the new changes are demanding. Reframing how one uses SEO for content boosting is the need of the hour.

Outdated techniques can be the cause of your content, not getting a better ranking on google. You might be great with your keyword game, but your content might be below average.

The key is not to just focus on the keywords. The key is to amalgamate those keywords with superior quality content. If your content is subpar, even stuffing each line with a keyword might not do the trick.

Focus your content on answering the questions of a user. The internet is filled with content on every topic under the sun. To make your content stand through it, you need to focus on delivering precisely what your user demands.

Google’s strategy is based on delivering answers to queries. If your site is able to deliver that, you automatically make it to the top of the page.

Is SEO Worth My Time

The answer is, Of course! With billions of searches being conducted on a daily basis, Google sits on the most powerful throne of the internet. Not even a single day goes by without throwing in a query on google.

Focusing on diversifying your SEO technique can help better adjust to the changing scenario. The more refine the SEO is, the better the search experience it provides to the users. The way Google is being used these days has changed.

People are looking for driving content. They no longer blindly click on whatever pops in first. That is precisely why the content quality should be amped up with advanced SEO techniques.

SEO is not something that is going to die in the near future. In fact, till the day the internet thrives, SEO is going to thrive.

Just because your website isn't able to handle the algorithm doesn't mean the market is dead. All you need to do is restrategize and focus on the type of content you produce. Step in the shoes of the user and seek answers to the query that is being put forth.

Using Google's algorithm to your advantage is a must. Make your content worthy of being filtered and placed at the top of the page. Genuine, premium quality content, paired with strong SEO peppered here and there, can provide promising and definite results.

Investing your time and energy in SEO can reap great benefits if you move with the right approach in the right direction.

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