How Many SEO Tools Exist?

The idea of good search engine optimization is vital to your marketing strategy. Even if your understanding of marketing is basic, search engine optimization may be the only item providing a solid grasp on the multifaceted creature of social media. Search engine optimization or SEO is built with different elements. How they work, what they are, and why it is important to understand them is crucial for any business.

In today's customer-oriented world, SEO is the factor behind a website’s success. The more visibility your website gains, the more traffic and opportunity to create for your business, in the form of potential customers and prospects.

Read on to learn some of the meaningful insights on SEO and its variety.


SEO Tools Here Are Some Of The Best Ones

Right when you hear search engine optimization, the very first thought progresses towards keyword research and website data analytics. SEO tools perform way more than that. They check your website speed, visibility, ranking, meta descriptions, meta titles, mobile viewability, indexing, crawlability, and other areas that are specific to search engines.

In addition to that, SEO tools help you with a detailed report on how you measure your competitors and create an advantage for yourself. You get the liberty of measuring performance country wise, language-wise, and also region wise. All of it gets better if you are managing more than one website at a time.

Each website has its performance, and with the correct tools, you steer clear from managing excess data. With too much data in a spreadsheet, there are high chances of reports being incorrect. Let's check out the best search engine optimization tools that can help you achieve your edge over the years.


Google Search Console

This free SEO tool helps you monitor and report the websites present in the Google search engine. The only step that can take you through the tool is verifying your website by adding a code.

The code to the Google search console can be found through Google Analytics. In Google Analytics, a prerequisite of submitting your sitemap for indexing has to be performed. Don't worry; the Google search console is not a mandatory SEO tool to be ranking your website. It only helps you get better in your performances.


Moz Pro

Experts around the world prefer Moz Pro to be one of the best SEO tools keeping in line with the regular Google algorithm changes. With Moz Pro, you get insight for responses to every question asked. Be it a keyword suggestion, or a site crawl, Moz Pro is the powerhouse of search engine optimization tools and an option not to be missed.



One of the most recommended search engine optimization tools, Ahref, has ranked to be the largest website crawler. Users around the world don't get enough of the website because of its advanced features being updated every minute.

The features of Ahref are bound to make you a strong competitor and use them as a starting point for your brand.

Besides adjusting broken links, look for content keywords, and analyze the competitor's best-performing pages, this tool is here to help you with the ifs and buts of search engine optimization.


Fat Rank

Simply a Chrome extension, the Fat Rank tool is the best analyzer of your website’s performance. You get the liberty of ranking your keywords, adding your keywords, and also measure the website’s performance page wise.

Most interestingly, if your work does not rank in the top 100 Google search results, it automatically prompts a message before you publish your work.


Types Of SEO

Given that technology has overabundantly filled the internet with thousands of search engine optimization tools, the types remain unaltered. The three types of SEO include:

  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Technical SEO

Gone are the days when keywords were the only SEO technique. Today, they are a prospect, but not the entire range. Content is a vital part of SEO. The broad categorization of the types help organizes and execute optimization plans better.


On-page SEO

You build a website and forget to maintain it. Will you be able to drive your business towards meeting your potential customer's requirements? Well, on-page SEO includes strategies to keep up the health of your website.

The factors that lead to the success of your website are combined to understand the topic of the content and provide them feedback of what is liked most as a valuable source. On-page SEO primarily include keyword optimization using meta tag, creation of meaningful content, as well as keyword research.


Off-page SEO

Do you know, just like our relationship with neighbors, websites also indulge in relationships and maintain the overall content facilitation?

The off-page SEO techniques help your website relationship as well as influence the strength of your website. Off-page SEO is primarily responsible for building the authority and reputation of a website.

The factors determining off-page SEO leads to a reliable, trusted, and reputable source of information.


Technical SEO

A website is built with technical as well as non-technical content. From the website developers' perspective, Technical SEO caters to a good user experience, increases visibility, and improve the quality of the website, thereby affecting the overall traffic and engagement rate.

Most importantly, site architecture, security, website speed, indexing, and mobile-friendliness are some of the aspects under technical SEO.

There is no one single way to reach the milestone. In terms of search engine optimization, if you want to improve your marketing strategy, all three types of SEO are important. Use them in conjunction with each other and give your website the best chance of showing up in the Google search results.

SEO makes it easy for prospects to find you. SEO tools help gather insights that would otherwise take decades to collate. The ones listed above are golden.

Content that is SEO optimized is undoubtedly making space in Google search results. Most of the SEO tools in the market are free; however, the ones that are paid tools offer a competitive edge.

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