Which SEO Plugin is Best for WordPress?

Are you facing problems in finding a great host for your WordPress site and not able to boost the SEO rankings? Or want to speed your site so that it can rank high and can help in generating more leads? If yes, then you have to use the best SEO Plugin for WordPress. For a proper WordPress site, it is essential to include the targeted keywords, readable content, and images files of appropriate size. However, without a top SEO Plugin, you will get stuck in fighting the competition with other sites.

Keep reading to know which SEO Plugin is best for WordPress and how it can affect a site's performance.


The Best SEO Plugin for WordPress

The presence of some necessary features can help you to know the effectiveness of a specific SEO Plugin. The best plugin indicates the SEO suggestions and projections for your page and has some advanced features like reducing the size of the image files and checking broken links.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is the King of all WordPress SEO Plugins. It acquires the supreme position among different plugins and has an astounding 5-star rating. It shows the proficiency of Yoast SEO to make a site SEO-friendly and obtain a good ranking in the search results.

Yoast has continued its amazing journey in the WordPress world. It continuously offers remarkable updates, a wonderful interface, and user-friendly interfaces that help in making a specific product page or blog post to stand out in comparison to other competitors. These factors have placed this SEO Plugin ahead of other plugins.

The biggest advantage of using Yoast SEO is that it operates its own website. Through the site, it offers various facilities to the users such as:

  • Premium assistance options,
  • Presence of a thriving society in the forum section,
  • An informational blog conveying every detail about SEO, and
  • SEO lessons for amateurs, intermediates, and specialized users.

Yoast SEO premium is also accessible to the users. You can get access to it from its website, and it provides more advanced and unique features. There are several features available in premium, of which a few are mentioned below:

  • Optimization of keywords for specific five keywords on a page
  • Preview of the page to understand how it will look on platforms like Facebook and Twitter
  • Internal link recommendations for sending viewers to different locations on your website page.

You don't need to wonder about the cost of the Yoast SEO Premium Account. The premium plugin for a site is sold for $89, and thus, a reasonable deal for everyone. However, it is not mandatory to go for premium as you can receive the free plugin of Yoast SEO. This is enough for making Yoast SEO Plugin better than other SEO WordPress plugins.

Features That Make Yoast SEO Plugin a Perfect Choice

  • You have to just type in keywords to analyze how generously you have optimized those keywords in your blog posts and pages.
  • You can see the end outcomes of your page and how it will look on the Google Search Engine results. This will help you to alter the SEO title and meta description to make it more impressive and keyword-rich.
  • The Yoast SEO Plugin can also analyze if your page or post has some duplicate content.
  • Yoast SEO has one of the finest and best support and resources in comparison to other plugin developers.
  • Yoast also updates the SEO Plugin every two weeks.
  • It conducts a complete readability check on all pages. This enables you to understand if you want to make a few changes in a specific page, like breaking up of paras or adding elements such as headers and numbered lists.
  • The Yoast SEO plugin premium provides you with free support, content ideas, a redirect manager, and a backend free from ads.

Two Major Benefits of Using Yoast SEO

  1. Improves Readability

Optimizing the content with the right keywords is important to achieve a better ranking, but it is of no use if you forget your readers. Proper content is that which a reader can understand. If a person is not able to comprehend what is present in the article, then you will not be able to generate leads from it. So, you need to ensure that your article is easy to understand. And this is how the readability factor comes into the picture.

The features of Yoast SEO are based on proper researches and provides you with feedback for optimizing the content. It checks your writing using certain algorithms that are effective for enhancing readability. The plugin examines the use of passive voice, transition words, paragraph length, and more. They are accurate enough and serve you with the perfect results.

  1. Improves Content SEO

Yoast SEO plugin helps you with your page's ranking, but the real fact is that your content is the only king. It means that you need to formulate the best content using the right keywords. You have to optimize the posts and pages of your site for the keywords that you have found in the keyword research.

You can set the targeted key phrase in Yoast SEO for a specific article. The plugin makes use of the SEO analyses to know the score of your content on various ranking aspects. It checks out how many times you have made use of the keyword(s) and the text length. This complete analysis helps you to optimize the post so that it can rank better.

Getting high-ranking on the search engine results is not an easy job. But with the SEO Plugins, it has become quite easy, and an individual can use them for achieving better ranking for a specific keyword.

Yoast SEO Plugin is the best SEO Plugin for WordPress. It enables you to optimize the content and further improves readability so that every reader can understand it. This helps to turn readers into potential buyers, and thus, you can generate sales and profits using this SEO plugin. Hence, it is great to go for Yoast SEO Premium to obtain every benefit of this platform.


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