What SEO Works? How to Avoid the Low Quality Stuff


Search Engine Optimization focuses on ranking your websites higher in Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Higher ranking equals more traffic and relevance to the niche. It helps drive your revenue forward if that is what your site focuses upon.

There may be some technicality and complexity to SEO tactics, but it does not mean they are impossible. Every website differs in its target audience, niche, services and products, content, and intent. But similar SEO techniques can work for the majority of the websites.

So, what SEO tactics work best for your site? The answer depends on how well you intend to optimize your site for the search engines.

SEO techniques depend on many factors- your website size, the amount of content, the type of site, and the quality of it.

What SEO works for you may largely depend on if you have originality, quality, and relevance.


Types of SEO

The types of SEO that work for sites can depend on what SEO tactic the webmaster, i.e., you choose. SEO results are seen slowly but surely-especially if done right. It is not instant ramen that would need 5 minutes to be done with. Proper optimization requires patience for organic growth and higher rankings.

Unfortunately, many fall for unethical techniques that may give good results fleetingly and show instant growth. But Search engine optimization is done like that often falls flat sooner or later. You could even end up losing your site if you go with unethical SEO tactics, also known as Black Hat SEO.

Stick to White Hat SEO as it is approved by Google and does not violate any ethical codes.


White Hat SEO

The White Hat SEO tactics are the best to optimize your site for organic search results ranking. It is also the best technique for a long term solution. In fact, Google recommends these for site owners to employ when they optimize their sites.

White Hat SEO techniques include;

  • Optimizing HTML tags
  • Creating high quality and original content
  • Using Social Media Marketing to increase brand presence
  • Prioritizing user-friendliness of the site

How SEO works for business and how SEO works for digital media are interlinked. Use Social Media influence to increase brand value.


Important SEO Types to Use

Optimization of your site continues both while you’re on the site and when you’re off it.

You must utilize all the tools at your disposal to increase your brand awareness, as that would organically increase site traffic. The main aim is to rank higher on the SERP as higher-ranking ensures higher traffic. But it cannot always be easy, especially as a beginner.

So, you must begin with optimizing your whole website so that your ranking can improve.


Technical SEO Techniques

If you use WordPress, then you could easily optimize your site and content using the plugins on WordPress. Ones like WP rocket, SMUSH, and YoastSEO are very useful.

You can also create good sitemaps using WordPress plugins like Yoast SEO and RankmathSEO. But if you don't use WordPress, then it can easily be done by an XML sitemap generator tool online.


On-Site SEO Tactics

Your main product or service will only be accessed by others from your site. So you must optimize it to the highest level you can. Your goal should be to get the users on your site and then to get them to stay. Another one would be to provide enough content that they use related links.

The type of content you display is largely dependent on if you want to improve your brand awareness or if you are looking for potential clients amongst the visitors.

On-site SEO tactics are mainly ideal with keywords and your content. 



  • Conduct extensive keyword research.
  • Make a list of relevant keywords- both short-tail and long-tail keywords.
  • Target existing search phrases and the keywords your competitors use
  • Extract relevant ones and analyze them for your use
  • Get associated keywords from Ubersuggest, Wordstream, H-supertools, AHREFs, etc.



  • Create an SEO landing page with good content
  • Use the keywords researched
  • Prioritize your content quality
  • Make them original and interesting
  • Create SEO friendly blog content
  • Prioritize relevance to your audience
  • Write more long forms

In your content, make sure to use the keywords you finalize in important places like titles, subheadings, descriptions, etc.


Include the keywords in your;

  • title tag
  • h1tag
  • h2 and h3 tags
  • meta description
  • Throughout your content
  • URL


Off-Site SEO Tactics

  • Guest Blogging
  • Strong Social Media Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Brand mentions


Link Building

Links are almost as essential for higher ranking as good keywords, especially in a competitive niche. Links are of various types but mostly used as Backlinks or as Interlinks.

Backlinks ones that you earn while helping other sites or naturally if you are lucky. It is when other sites link to your site and vice versa. They are also called inbound links.

Interlinking is done within your site- it is when you link one page to another within your website. It helps to keep the users engaged and involved for longer on your site. Each page should contain a few interlinks that are relevant to the topic on that page.


SEO Audit

An SEO audit is a good way to find out the improvements your site needs. It helps you pinpoint the areas that need polishing and also to decide on the tactics.

SiteBulb is a helpful audit tool.

Google Analytics and Google Console are also ideal tools that help you keep track of various operations on your site. They also help with the analysis of your rankings, relevance, and more.


Other SEO Techniques

  • Find out about your competitors in your niche and compare. Use sites like com
  • Make sure there are no missing pages, glitches, or broken links on your site
  • Remove any duplicate content
  • Improve the load speed of your site
  • Improve mobile-friendliness of your site
  • Optimize URL structure


Tactics to Avoid

Stay away from unsavory and unethical tactics like;

  • Copying Content
  • Spamming Links
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Cloaking
  • Hiding texts or links
  • Buying links instead of organic link building

SEO is something that evolves with the algorithms. As the search engine algorithm becomes smarter, SEO techniques need to be updated and synced up. It is crucial that you not only optimize your site but also keep it updated. Always.

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