Which SEO Techniques are Popular?

In our exceedingly digital world, the competition to rank first on Google is cut-throat. Every company has been pulling hidden aces up from their sleeves to get a better position on the search engine results page (SERP), and the struggle has been real. SEO has been the most important tool to ensure that the business is faring well in this digitized era, and thus, more and more research has been put into it.

As a result of all the efforts and observations by experts all around, a lot of SEO techniques have been designed to give your business the stride it deserves. If the implementation of these techniques is done properly, it will not be long before you see your website dominate the search engine results page.


What are these Techniques?

Find and Use new Keywords

The most important part of search engine optimization is the primary keyword, which is selected after conducting various long tail and short tail surveys. It is the keyword that makes the website relevant to a search entry.

Using the same keywords might not help because keywords also have a point of satiety, and thus, new keywords should be searched and used. Reddit is a great source to find new keywords and should be tapped.


Make a mobile-friendly Website

A majority of the traffic that is accumulated on the web is browsing, which is done on mobile phones. Ignorant of this fact, businesses fail to keep their websites mobile-friendly, which results in a loss of prospective traffic.

Websites should be optimized with respect to mobile phone browsing, and the website architecture for mobiles should be given equal weightage. Half of all the purchases that take place over the web are made with the use of mobiles, and you do not want to miss out on that next sale, do you?


Know your audience well before starting

Everything on the website has to be molded according to the taste palette of the audience for whom the website is getting created. To know what exactly goes in the searches of the audience is quintessential before finalizing the keywords.

This can be done with the help of social media platforms like Quora and Reddit, where people post questions. You can see what the questions are which have the maximum upvotes and dedicate a blog to those findings. It will also help in finalizing keywords as the data will be primary.

For e.g., For a popular TV show, the searches might happen using the name of the protagonist and not the title of the show.


Write longer posts!

That is right! The idea is not to stretch the post just for the sake of it but to excavate that topic into all the intricate details. The user should be presented with all the nooks and crannies of the topic that you have written about so that he does not go to a different website.

This will ensure loyalty because of the extended trust that will emerge between the user and the website and also a lower bounce rate, which will upgrade the rankings of the website.


Embed Long tail keywords in your Title

This is a very good method to pace up the time which is required to improve the ranking. More often than not, we restrict our titles to only one keyword, which leaves a lot of untapped traffic outside our business environment.

The key is to find long-tail keywords that can be incorporated in the title so that your website can show as a result of multiple keywords.


Monitoring SEO Performance

Analyzing progress through SEO is a very important part of the process. It bifurcates the strategy into two spheres. First, the sphere has techniques that are deriving a lot of results, and second the techniques which need a little attention.

Once this distinction is achieved, it becomes really easy to understand, which the area that requires attention is, and hence the strategies can be revamped accordingly. There are various tools like Data Studio, Wayback Machine, Semrush, which can be used for analyzing various attributes of the website.


Deep Linking

While backlinking focuses on getting featured on different reputed websites, deep linking is the process in which the anchor text is linked to various pages inside the blog. Practices like these help to enhance the page authority by showing the depth of the content.

Deep linking also helps to rejuvenate the old articles, which otherwise are devoid of traffic and interaction even after being relevant. It is always a good idea to restore traffic on these pages by linking them internally.


Deleting Zombie Pages

These are some pages on the website which exist for no reason. They confuse the people who are browsing through the website by taking them onto blank pages or pages which are not requested by the user. These zombie pages also increase the time for the website to load and can have a negative result on the website’s ranking.

It is always better to get rid of them to ensure smooth functioning.


Use a Good Social Media Strategy

A good social media strategy accentuates the ongoing SEO strategy by providing valuable inputs about the way consumers are behaving. It can also be used as a tool to find new keywords and also to promote keywords that are created first hand.

A lot of hashtags and trends on Twitter turn into valuable keywords, and companies feast on them. Likewise, on Facebook, various groups and campaigns have led to unanimous causes originating more and more content.

All these techniques are useful only when the website has relevant content that is updated on a regular basis. These tools can help the company to rank higher, but in order to convert leads into sales, the offering should be phenomenal.

These techniques can act as a wholesome mishmash of both technical and conventional SEO strategies, which can derive higher traffic. So what are you waiting for? Implement these, and climb the ladder of success

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