How Much Can The Most Expensive SEO Tools Cost?

How Much Can The Most Expensive SEO Tools Cost?

When it comes to SEO services, SEO tools can be a blessing in Optimization. You can gain an understanding of what’s working using these tools. You can also gain perspective on how to bring changes to certain parts of the SEO strategy you are currently using. SEO tools also allow you to know how your optimization is when compared to your competitors and where there is scope to improve.

If you have multiple websites, SEO tools help in assessing how each website is performing, so you don't have to manually do it. Let's now dive into some of the SEO tools and their costs.



This is a famous and highly recommended SEO keyword tool. The feature of website auditing from Ahrefs is a favorite among SEO experts. It indicates what parts of your website need tweaks to let your website rank higher.

You can also know your competitor’s website’s backlinks. You can also use this SEO tool to identify the content that is linked to the most and correct broken links.

The pricing is as follows: Lite: $99 per month, standard: $179 per month, advanced: $399 per month, agency: $999 per month.


SEM Rush

SEO tools for marketing such as SEMRush are a favorite within the SEO field. Using this tool, one can have access to all their website rankings and recognize any changes. Among the many features present, the most well-known feature of this tool is the Doman vs. domain analysis. 

Using this feature, you can compare and understand your website with another. This tool also provides advice on how you can improve your website rankings. SEMRush also helps one with analytics such as reports on search data, traffic, competitors, and allows you to compare keywords. Additionally, there is an on-page SEO tool that allows you to keep an eye on your rankings.

The pricing is Pro: $99.95 per month, Guru: $199.95 per month, Business: $399.95 per month.



The KWFinder tool is useful in identifying long-tail keywords that are not in much competition. This tool is helpful for experts to search for the most relevant keywords and analyze backlinks and the Search Engine Results Page. They offer a rank tracker that lets you identify your ranking as well as identifying any improvements based on a key metric. You are also given many keyword ideas.

The pricing is as follows: Basic: $29.90 per month, premium: $30.90 per month, agency: $79.90 per month.


Moz Pro

This software is known as one of the best SEO software used by experts. It is said that Moz features are always updated as and when Google has changed its algorithm. Moz’s chat is also spoken highly of for prompt useful replies.

 Moz offers everything SEO from keyword most relevant to you to a site crawl. You also get information on how to improve your website’s ranking and optimization.

The free toolbar they offer, known as Mozbar, offers metrics regarding your website while you browse a page. Additionally, they host Mozcon their conference on teaching about SEO.

The pricing is as follows: standard: $99 per month, medium: $149 per month, large: $249 per month, premium: $599 per month.



This is an SEO tool for analysis. You can track your data as well as report it. You can also find out the keywords your competitors are targeting so you can then overlap theirs. Woorank is great in helping you understand the content that is duplicate, security problems, downtime, and offer solutions on fixing them.

The pricing is as follows: pro: $59.99 per month, premium: $179.99 per month.



According to SEO experts, Majestic is a great SEO tool. The Majestic Million feature offered by Majestic is spectacular. The rankings of the best million sites can be viewed using this feature. You can understand where your website stands.

A feature of this tool called Site Explorer helps you view the overview of your website and your backlinks. You can also use it to find the most relevant keywords as well as compare your site to others and understand your ranking.

The pricing is as follows: Lite: $39.99 per month, pro: $79.99 per month, API: $319.99 per month. 



This SEO tool is great for growth-hacking with regards to PPC, SEO, and goals related to content marketing. Serpstat is a great place for you if you are looking to analyze your competitors and managing your team. More SEO experts are joining Serpstat as it now has a lot of data on competitor analysis and keywords regarding all Google locations on Earth. They have clients such as Deloitte, Yves Rocher, Shopify, Loreal, and Lenovo.

The pricing is as follows: Lite: $69 per month, standard: $149 per month, advanced: $299 per month, enterprise: $499 per month.


Raven Tools

Raven Tools takes information from sources such as Majestic, Google Analytics, SEMoz Google Webmaster Tools, as well as Google Adwords and makes a good-quality report. Raven has more than 30 tools such as content management, metrics, backlinks reporting, media monitoring, competitor analysis, link-building, managing campaigns and projects, as well as SEO research. The reports provided by Raven Tools are of great value.

The pricing is as follows: Small Biz: $39 per month, Start: $79n per month, Grow: $139 per month, Thrive: $249 per month, Lead: $399 per month.

The price of these SEO tools varies according to the kind of package one opts for. SEO experts have tough work to do, and these SEO tools help them do their job, which will otherwise take a long time to generate. Although SEO tools are helpful, SEO experts still need to adjust data according to the results shown on tools.

Many SEO tools available are free, and the paid versions also have a few days of free trial. If you are an SEO professional, you might need the paid version of SEO tools as they offer more benefits and are customized according to your need. Certain companies only offer prices on request.

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