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Do you want to level-up your SEO game? There are a plethora of factors that you may have to consider to achieve that. Building backlinks is undeniably one of the best full-proof ways of escalating your website rank as well as organic traffic. So, for improving your SEO, where to get backlinks?

You may be aware of a couple of ways to get backlinks, but are they high quality? With the rising competition in the digital world, even search engines like Google are going a notch higher. Your page will be considered optimized only if you have links from the white hat, ethical sites.

That said, getting backlinks is not all that grinding. In fact, if you get to doing, it is a no-sweat job. Want to know how? Here are 7 brilliant strategies to build valuable backlinks for your website.


7 Strategies to Get Backlinks for SEO

1.    Search. Create. Excel

Search Create Excel is a mantra that will help you throughout your life, more so, with backlinks. The first step for this process includes searching for the most relevant topic related to your niche. Just type the keyword on google and check the links that appear on the first page.

Know that as they have the best ranks, they may already have multiple backlinks. So, you got your topic. Your next step would be creating content a notch higher than what’s already been published.

Once you have the article ready, you can get to promoting your best piece of work. You can do so by approaching those you have mentioned in your content. If your creation outlasts the others, you are sure to get several shares, mentions, and, resultantly, backlinks!

2.    Provide Something of Value—Guides

Guides are the ultimate sources to get you not just a few but multiple valuable backlinks. It can provide more than just information to the readers. In fact, quality guides can answer all their questions until they are satisfied. That is why almost every business would want to provide a useful guide for its customers.

If you can develop a quality guide, you can rest assured of multiple backlinks flowing your way. The best thing is if you make a value-oriented guide, it will earn you links for years to come. So, search and decide the ultimate topic, draw an outline of the content, and create your best guide now!

3.    Convert Your Mentions

Have you ever come across a write-up that may have mentioned your brand but not linked the same? It may feel heart-wrenching at first, but there is a quick way of fixing it. You know the individual already likes your brand or content, hence, the mention in the first place.

Now you simply need to send a gentle mail showing your appreciation for the write-up. Additionally, you must also express your gratitude for the mention, followed by a link request.

It is that easy!

4.    Fill Your Page with Visual Information—Infographics

In the current lightning-fast pace, getting people to read your article is certainly a challenge. Apart from high-level quality content, you need to attract your potential readers through visuals. Though pictures may work in the short-term, infographics are what will take your webpage to an all-time high!

They can significantly increase your organic traffic, which in turn jacks-up the chances of getting quality backlinks. That said, make sure you keep your graphs and charts relevant as well as updated. Do your search about the recent hot topics, and design that infographic!

Once you have it ready, embed your code and post it over infographic directories, social media, etc. You must note that directly asking someone for a backlink would not be the best idea. Make it as natural as possible.

5.    Use Outdated Links to Build Yours

The title may sound confusing, but it is downright a great way of building backlinks. You may have noticed several websites change their names and domains or go out of business every now and then. Here's how you can convert this situation into your favor.

First, you will have to look for sites in your field that have closed or changed their webpages, services, etc. Once you have found the website, use an SEO tool to search pages that have mentioned the outdated or shut-down site.

On checking the results, you will get more than a few pages still using the outdated URLs. Now all you have to do is reach out to them, inform them about the broken link, and share your content. Most individuals will be glad to correct their mentions and get a hassle-free option to replace (your link)!

6.    Get Your Content Out There—Promotion

Your job does not end at creating eye-catching content. Unless you show it to the world, how will the potential audience learn about your unique content? Thus, promoting your articles and pages is as essential as creating.

The best way to broadcast your content is by contacting bloggers and influencers who conduct roundups and reviews. You can approach them through the mail and send in your best work so far. At least a few, if not all, will recognize the fantastic quality of your work.

Even if small, it will be the stepping stone for your page. Getting backlinks from bloggers can take your site to new levels! Not to mention, there are uncountable other promotional ways, such as social media, interviews, collaboration, and much more.

7.    Analyze Before You Pitch

Pitching links through mails and other approaches is the most-effective way no matter what. From the 50 emails you send, you are sure to get at least 5 backlinks, though that is not the point here. You must know that you need to analyze the receiver before sending in your request/suggestion.

For example, you can send a simple mail praising the individual’s work, followed by a briefing about yours. You can ask them whether they would like to share your link to provide more information for their customers. You can continue by sharing your link if they agree.

There you have it!

If you want to see your page thriving, getting backlinks is definitely the most nuanced approach. Moreover, building links is not that big of a deal as you may have thought. In this article, you get 7 brilliant strategies as the answer to where to get backlinks.

Now that you know the easy yet definitive techniques to get backlinks, what’s the hold? Get out there and rock your links!

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