How Much Does An SEO Earn In India?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the way by which the amount and the quality of traffic can be increased and directed towards a particular website from a search engine. The people who engage in SEO can be anyone ranging from a social media expert to a digital marketer to an SEO expert.

An SEO expert or SEO specialist is one who has expert knowledge and is into optimizing websites. So, they receive the highest rankings on search engine pages. An SEO expert in the profession of pulling in the maximum amount of traffic from search engines online.

In India, the use of the internet has boomed, and there is a lot of demand for digital marketing specialists. This particular industry in India is an attraction for experienced professionals and freshers alike.

Just like any other job, the pay range varies along with the amount of experience the person has. An SEO expert can have their own company for SEO or work along with other companies who require their services.


SEO Beginner Trainee

In the SEO field, this is the most basic job available. They work under the guidance of SEO experts and executives. The tasks will majorly include:

  • Tracking the metrics of SEO and reporting to the trainer/manager.
  • Relevant keyword researching
  • Brainstorming and being innovative about how to increase the visibility of the site.
  • The Salary SEO trainee receives ranges from 1,305 to 1,959 USD per year.


SEO Trainer

These people are those who have the job of training the SEO trainee. They are into teaching the trainee all about SEO concepts, designing SEO content, search engine expectations, linking social media platforms with SEO, etc. Also, they know how to utilize the SEO tools to monitor and report. The tasks a trainer performs include:

  • Giving training to the trainee and other subordinates in SEO
  • Helping Trainees with their doubts
  • Giving lectures on SEO
  • Give them tasks to improve their skills and knowledge.
  • The salary the SEO trainer earns ranges from 8,163 to 11,428 USD per year.


SEO Analyst

An SEO analyst needs to be knowledgeable about understanding which keywords are trending and help in creating SEO-friendly content that will help the website get recognition. The SEO analyst also deals with optimizing the landing pages on sites.

Their duties include:

  • Creatively designing and as well as implementing SEO ideas and strategies.
  • Tracking metrics
  • Implementing keyword research, the required tools, building backlinks, as well as analysis.
  • Identifying gaps and areas of possible improvement in design
  • Advising on content improvisation.
  • The salary they earn ranges from 3,265 to 4,408 USD per year. Within India, Delhi pays its SEO analysts the highest, and Coimbatore pays the lowest. Bangalore comparatively pays 17% higher than other parts of India.


SEO Consultant

An SEO consultant mainly deals with the planning, management, and performance of the complete SEO of a client. Their duties include online marketing, online link building, web analytics, as well as ideating strategies for keywords.

SEO consultants mainly do the job of a 3rd party advisor. The consultant must be having enough experience and knowledge to completely guide a company. Their tasks include:

  • Sharing periodic reports
  • Connecting to web-based designers to make SEO changes.
  • Plan and put into action the strategy.
  • Working on client-relationship
  • Monitoring important APIs and working on their improvement.
  • They earn a salary that ranges from 4,489 to 8,163 USD per year. In India, the salary earned by an SEO consultant is increased with experience.


SEO Manager

The main duty of an SEO manager is to manage and execute SEO and SEM or Search Engine Marketing programs for clients. The manager will be coordinating with various in-house teams like social media, design, content, marketing, as well as handle projects. SEO managers are some of the people who earn the highest salary among SEO Specialists in India. The SEO manager is required to have basic knowledge of web designing as well as development.

SEO managers deal with both onsite and offsite optimization. They implement strategies of SEO with their SEO team of specialists.

Their duties include:

  • Implementing SEO campaigns to increase website purchases.
  • Analyzing and making reports on how projects are performing.
  • Keep an eye on how other junior team members are performing and offer guidance.
  • Having good skills at communication to co-ordinate with the team members.
  • Tracking KPIs, helping fill the gap in content, and guiding in the optimization of the landing page of the website.
  • They receive a salary that ranges from 4,897 to 7,346 USD per year. SEO managers with more than 5 to 10 years of experience receive a salary in the range of 7,278 to 10,067 USD per year. Pune pays the highest salary to SEO managers in India, and Delhi pays the lowest to them.


SEO Director

They are the head of the SEO field, setting long-term goals following up with them. They oversee the smooth functioning of the SEO department in the company.

The SEO director’s tasks include:

  • Designing strategies for improving overall SEO.
  • The SEO director has to make sure the company strategies are aligned with the goal of the company.
  • Reviewing content frequently to identify a lag or gap in content, missed opportunities, and designing solutions to combat any problem related to SEO.
  • The SEO director earns a salary ranging from 13,061 to 24,489 USD per year. Those SEO directors that are at the top in India earn the top salary among SEO specialists in India.

The salary of an SEO specialist also varies with the city they are in within India. Bangalore, also called the silicon-valley in India, tends to pay the highest for SEO specialists overall, and Ahmedabad pays the least amount. Ahmedabad was found to pay 38% lesser compared to the rest of the country. The salary also depends on factors like whether the company is an MNC, the SEO specialist’s experience and skills, and the company size. MNCs also tend to be a great place where trainees and beginners learn and grow.

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